THE HOLY SPIRIT AND REGENERATION; The Doctrine of the Trinity (16)

The word regeneration denotes the new birth which brings new life to the soul. The necessity of this doctrine was especially articulated by Jesus Christ in His conversation with Nicodemas. Christ's emphasis was that regeneration is a spiritual work in which man is passive, because he is flesh. Only the Holy Ghost can effect such a spiritual change in the life of the sinner.

KINGS AND PRIESTS; The Christian Empowered

Ever feel discouraged and disconsolate? Here’s an empowering quote from Martin Luther  reminding you of the power and purpose of the Christian in the world: “...every  Christian  is  by  faith  so  exalted above  all  things  that,  in  spiritual  power, he  is  completely  lord  of  all  things,  so  that nothing  can  do  him  any  hurt;  yea... Continue Reading →

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