A Puritan Parable Archbishop Ussher had long wished for the opportunity to meet with Samuel Rutherford, the Scottish Presbyterian preacher. He reckoned that the Scot would not entertain him because he was an Episcopalian Bishop. Therefore while travelling from Ireland through south west Scotland, en route to London, he called at the Manse in Anwoth... Continue Reading →

The Tear Bottle

Tears are the result of pain and are the expressions of the suffering heart. Yet tears are precious, the proof that we love and care. Days of tears are precious times for learning and discovering.

A Morning Prayer; Psalm 5

PSALM 5 A Morning Prayer We often regard morning as a suitable time to pray.  While we should be cautious about setting seasons aside as being more holy than others, there remains a unique suitability for prayer associated with morning.  As morning is generally the best time for learning, when the mind is fresh and... Continue Reading →

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