Why Do We Need Food For The Soul?

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Unlike the body, the soul is everlasting, an undying spiritual treasure bequeathed to mankind by the Creator.  The Spiritual is more real, more substantial than the Material.  Yet it must be cared for and nurtured.  It needs fed.

The soul therefore as:

a spiritual entity must enjoy spiritual food.  There is only one meal that can satisfy the inner longing of every heart, the yearning for peace and satisfaction.  This food source is the Bible, the Word of God, which alone can led us to God our Creator.

This is a book, reliable and eternal as God is eternal.  It is the very breath God, inspired and given for our good.  It reveals our sin and the remedy for sin, Christ.  At the heart of this revelation is the death and resurrection of the Son of God, that we might have life.

These blogs have grown out of pastoral studies written for the benefit of everyday Christians living in the 21st Century. 

That together we might grow in grace…..

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  1. How I wish and do wish all over and again that everybody living on earth will keep a Bible, the only book in existence. That everyone residing on terra firma will read and do John 3:3 a la Romans 10:8-10. Of all the books of the world, tell me, which of them promises an eternal life? Selah! In support of this beautiful post, I say, “AMEN!”

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