8: DEUTERONOMY; The Repetition of the Law

Moses taught that the law should be kept in spirit as well as deed and that it applied to every area of life. For this reason Deuteronomy throbs with practical spirit and vital principles which continue to be relevant for the Church in this 21st Century. Deuteronomy – The Repetition of the Law Key Verses –... Continue Reading →

LEVITICUS – The Law of the Priests

The view of God's grace, which Leviticus presents, introduces us to the glory of Christ in his sacrificial and intercessory work as our High Priest. For this reason He is the central character in Leviticus with the core theme being atonement. 6 Leviticus – The Law of the Priests Key Verse – 20:7 Sanctify yourselves... Continue Reading →

5: EXODUS; Redemption

The word redemption is the optimum term. It signifies deliverance. It also sets the scene of the remainder of Old Testament history and lays a foundation for the Gospel.

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