Join the Debate, Challenging Atheism

I am involved in a debate with atheists on this link.  Join to defend the truth if you have the time and inclination.

Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – a response to Dale re: prayer and free will –

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    1. Maria, appreciate your thoughtfulness. Totally agree, these discussions can be fruitless and a huge time waster. As a Pastor, however, much of my spiritual interaction is with Christians and unbelievers who are sympathetic to the Gospel. I follow a Muslim and at least one atheistic site because it sharpens my ability to reason out the truth. I generally interact only when I feel so outraged by the attacks on my Lord and His truth. I don’t linger because one realises the truth of Christ about casting our pearls before swine. What amazes me is, is the utter and total darkness of the heart of men and women and abject hatred that they have for Christianity. But then, how great was the darkness of the world that Paul evangelise in. Some heard and believed many rejected but God was was building His Church.

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