The word that the western world is afraid of. Political Correctness has suppressed the power of radical thought. To think, to challenge, to innovate, to change; this is the real power of radicalism.

There is a false radicalism.  A radicalism which lowers the tone of humanity.  A radicalism which exhibits and accentuates depravity.

But true radicalism has a passion for humanity.  It perceives man’s need and pursues that worthy goal with zest and exuberance.

The radical must swim against the tide of unpopularity if he is to succeed.  It is never wrong to be unpopular if our goals are good and wholesome.  The movers and shakers of history were the radicals who shaped our past.

Martin Luther nailing his humble thesis to the church door at Wittenberg earned him the contempt of Church and State but his reward was a new Europe, a new church order, a return to New Testament values for the first time in 1,000 years. William Tyndale suffered a burning stake for daring to translate the Bible into English.  Oliver Cromwell rose up against tyranny and enforced the will of Parliament.  Abraham Lincoln went to war rather than suffer slavery within the Union.  Martin Luther King a century later died for the same principle, that all men are equal regardless of colour.   Unpopular but right.  Suffering but uncompromising.  The happy grace of radicalism.

The greatest radical in history was Jesus Christ.  A man of love who became a man of sorrows.  He was derided by the Jewish establishment and executed by Roman rule.  He had but a small band of followers.  In the estimation of worldly success his life and ministry ended in failure.  Yet Chrustianity changed the world for good.  It brought in a new era of love and tolerance.  It swept side the wild excesses of paganism.  The greatest humanitarian radicals have been motivated by Christian values.  The Sermon on the Mount continues to be preached.  Jesus in his humility, his love, his selflessness remains our greatest example.

He is more than an example, however. He is our Redeemer.  He gave his life and shed His blood a ransom for us, that we might have peace with God.  He accomplished the most radical feat in history when he rose again and defeated the greatest enemy.

The radicalism of Christianity may be despised in our western nations.  Let us not be deflected from representing unpopular values when those values are God’s truth.  Be a radical. Embrace the cause.  Defend truth.  Be a Christian.

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