Eleven O’clock in the morning.  Grey skies. Fading light.  Sun gradually being covered by the moon.  Eerie. Unnatural.  The birds hush their song.  People stop and gaze out in wonderment and with a sense of trepidation.  A moment to pause and think and reflect.

The glory of the sun.  The beauty and purity of natural light.  To lose the sun is to lose the world, it is to lose life, it is lose time.  When the sun disappears time stands still.

The sun is winding down. It’s energy is being expended.  One day it will be shut off forever with one final eclipse.  Time will be no more. The world and the universe in it’s present broken state will end.

Yet humanity will live on.  Some in the frightful abyss.  In that darkened hall of judgement where the sun never shines, where there is no love and grace.  The caverns of Hell.

Others will be transported to the city of endless light, with streets of gold and gates of pearl.  Where there is no sun because Christ, the Light of the World, will stand in the midst.  The Lamb of God, with pierced hands, will be the light and glory of eternity for the redeemed of God.  There will be eclipse there.

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