The city is busy.  The sidewalk is thronging.  Hustle, bustle.  Pushing ,shoving.  Old men gingerly clutching their wives of several decades.  Mothers with prams and a sceaming infant clinging to the bar.  Young people drifting by.  The noise appears deafening yet no-one is talking.  There are bags filled with groceries.  There are parcels from the designer outlets.  There are well dressed gentlemen and prim ladies.  It seems hundreds are passing by.  All sharing the same space on this sidewalk.

Where are they going?  Where are they coming from?  What is their purpose on this slab of pavement?

All of humanity is on a piece of sidewalk.  We call it the pavement of life.  Some are rich, others are poor.  Some are young, others are old.  Yet all are going somewhere from the sidewalk.

The Bible says that there are two destinations at the end off this pavement.  One is heaven with. translucent beauties of eternal life.  The other is hell and the infinite darkness of eternal abandonment.

Why is your purpose? Where are you going? 

Don’t allow life to pass you aimlessly by.

Trust Christ for life. He said; “I am come that they might have life and that they might it more abundantly.”

Sidewalk –

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