The Handkerchief of God; Facing Death with Grace

Death. The cold corpse. Once there was a smile; now there is that blank vacant expression that we associate with death. A short time earlier there was breath, conversation, interest but not now. All has changed in a moment time.

The home us filled with tears and bitter sweet memories. The one who was taken brought so much joy, but now her passing is the cause of such pain.

Yes, death is the sad and forlorn reality that we all must face. Yet there is hope. As a pastor I marvel and am encouraged by the hope and peace that is the reserve of Christian people in the face of the greatest enemy. God’s grace is beyond all comprehension.

The very thought that the corpse is but the tenement of clay and that the soul, the real life, has been released, brings a consolation, that nothing else can do. The home on earth may be empty but the Father’s House has received another precious soul. Tears are shed in the earthly home but the one who is taken has had every tear wiped away by the handkerchief of God.

How precious is the gift of faith? How wonderful the grace, the superabundant grace, of our God.

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