THE OLIVE TREE; Romans Part 55

There was nothing as common to the people of the east as the olive tree. The olive was a rich source of food and oil and as such provided a steady income for the farmer. Therefore the Apostle lifts up this humble example and uses it to reinforce the truth concerning God's Plan for Israel.... Continue Reading →


This passage reveals the central fact in Bible Prophecy, concerning the years approaching the Lord's Return.  That the Jewish People will collectively embrace Jesus Christ as the Messiah. God's Plan For Israel (k) The Fall and Restoration of Israel Romans 11:7-15 Finally, after much exposition and expressions of passion concerning Israel, Paul comes now to... Continue Reading →


The word that the western world is afraid of. Political Correctness has suppressed the power of radical thought. To think, to challenge, to innovate, to change; this is the real power of radicalism. There is a false radicalism.  A radicalism which lowers the tone of humanity.  A radicalism which exhibits and accentuates depravity. But true... Continue Reading →

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