When the Priest stepped out of the brilliant light of an eastern desert and in through the door of the tabernacle he entered the darkness.  It was a place devoid of natural light.  But as the lush  folds of the curtain returned to their former position his eyes were immediately drawn to the light.  The beautiful golden lampstand bearing it’s seven lights dominated this sacred place. The lampstand itself was a remarkable and elegant item of furniture.  Manufactured from one talent weight (125 pounds) of gold  and ornamented with golden pomegranates, almonds and lilies, it was both intricate and spectacular.  The crowning of the lampstand, however, was the light it produced without which it would have been useless.  The light was drawn from the oil, which served as fuel, enabling the wick to burn brightly.  While the wick burned down, and was constantly trimmed, the light remained.

The light of the Gospel, fueled by the Holy Spirit, continues to burn within the Church.  The wick, like our lives however, had a comparatively short span to burn and be the vehicle bearing the light.  One day the High Priest will trim us off, we will die but the light will continue to shine as it has done throughout the millennia   The question we are faced with is not,”Is the light shining!” but “Is the light shining through me?”.  Am I using my brief period to let the light shine and glorify our Heavenly Father in so doing?

I was recently challenged by this hymn by Bessie Hatcher:

Watch “Let Me Burn Out For Thee – Lisa Olinda” on YouTube;


O God, the world is lost in sin,
And so few that seem to care!
Many of whom profess Thy name
No burden will help to bear.
We need a passion, Lord, for souls,
To bring the lost back to Thee;
Our hearts must be stirred, till all have heard
At least once of Calvary.

Let me burn out for Thee, dear Lord,
Burn and wear out for Thee.
Don’t let me rust, or my life
Be a failure, my God to Thee.
Use me and all I have, dear Lord,
And get me so close to Thee
That I feel the throb of the great heart of God,
Until I burn out for Thee.

How cold has been our giving, Lord!
How selfish our love has been,
Keeping from those who never heard
The gospel that saves from sin!
How often we have turned aside,
Neglecting to do our part,
Forgetting Thy tears and agony,
Forgetting Thy bleeding heart!

Meet us and break us up, dear Lord,
Until driven to our knees.
Bare to our gaze Thy cross and love,
Of blood-baptized Calvary.
Speak till we hear again Thy call,
And hold nothing back from Thee.
Oh, burn on our hearts the hopeless wail
Of souls damned eternally.

O God, with shame I humbly bow,
In tears and with contrite heart.
Forgive me for the broken vows,
And failure to do my part.
I heed Thy call and say, “Farewell”
To all that would hinder me
Thy grace and Thy love to lost ones tell,
And my life burn out for Thee.

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