ADOPTED BY GOD; Romans Part 36

Justification and Assurance (d) Adopted by God God makes us his children out of love, no other reason. Romans 8:15-16 In the previous study we examined Paul's teaching upon assurance from the perspective of Christian warfare and the Holy Spirit. While we enjoy the Spirit's ministry we also possess a dead carnal body which must... Continue Reading →


If you are like me you experience struggles with sin and temptation. The enemy within often seems stronger than the enemy without. Few passages of Scripture have helped me more in my Christian Life than the subject of this study. Our battle with sin actually proves that we are Christian. How so? Read on....


Justification and Assurance (b) No Condemnation   The sinner is on God's death row.  We need to be emancipated, set free.  No Condemnation. Romans 8:1-4 In commencing this great chapter on assurance Paul leads us once again into the heart of the Gospel, which he does so frequently throughout this epistle. The opening verse is... Continue Reading →

ROMANS 8: The Brightest Gem in the Cluster

The questions  “What  is  a  Christian?”  and  “How  can  I  be  sure  that  I  am  a Christian?”  are  answered  in  this  chapter  in  a  way  that  no  other  Biblical passage  does.    These  are  pivotal  questions  in  relation  to  our  salvation.

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