An Old Man’s View of the Good Life; Medicine for the Soul

2016-06-06-23-13-43-2076830717.pngThe good life represents for many sensual pleasure or material prosperity.  Not so where the Bible is concerned and the Bible deals with real life.

In Psalm 37 David wrote as one who was old and from this vantage point of age he said in v37:

“Mark the perfect man and behold the upright for the end of that man is peace”

The name God originates from an old Anglo Saxon word that means Good. In old English God was literally “The Good”.  It is no accident that Good and God are differentiated by only one letter.  God is Good.  All goodness originates from Him.  What we think is good which excludes God is really bad and sinful.  The man David describes, is living the genuine good life.  The Good Life is the Godly Life.

David took the long view of life from his vantage point of age and experience.  He had seen the wicked prosper in the short term “like the green bay tree” but he had also seen them pass away, their schemes in ruins; whereas the godly man ultimately enjoyed peace.

All too often we are frustrated because of what happens in the short term.  But we need to take to take the longer view.  David said he had never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread.  He had always seen the righteous enjoying peace at the last as they enjoyed the inheritance of the land, representing the covenant promises.

This Psalm is an encouragement that God keeps His Word, that we are not to fret, become angry or get embittered.  We are rather to trust in the Lord and rest in Him.

Nathaniel Hardy, a Puritan preacher in 1659 called this Psalm “antidote against the poison of discontentment”  Don’t we need such medicine for the soul?

Let us step out and enjoy the good life for that alone is the life of peace in a wicked world.

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