DEAD TO SIN: Romans Part 26

Ever struggle with sin, with temptation? Are you bombarded with thoughts, desires and cravings? Do you ask yourself, is there a life of victory? This section of Romans is for you. Read on........


In examining the doctrine of assurance and the effect of justification Paul now comes to examine the union that the believer has with Christ. Theologians call this union invisible or mystical because it is spiritual as opposed to material. Nevertheless it remains a real and vital union and as such it argues for our eternal salvation. The redeemed of God are bound to Christ in an inseparable eternal union.

WHAT IS JOY? – Romans Part 24

The Results of Justification (c) The Ingredients of Joy Romans 5:6-11 In dealing with the effects of Justification Paul is examining the subject of assurance and its various elements. Binding all of these elements together is the experience of joy. True assurance begets a sense of of joy and happiness. Therefore our security in Christ... Continue Reading →

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