God's lawFor all Have Sinned(b)

Romans 1:18-23

Having opened up this section of the epistle with a statement upon the Wrath of God, Paul describes ungodly and unrighteous men; “who hold the truth in unrighteousness” (v18). The word translated “hold” literally means “to hold down”, “to restrain” or “to suppress”. It is a characteristic of our sinful society that men and women will go to enormous lengths in their efforts to deny God. Paul’s synopsis of the activities of men in their efforts to overthrow God is most appropriate for our society today. Professor Stephen Hawking’s new book, “The Grand Design” has been much publicised because of the physicist’s conclusion that God did not design the universe. In September the BBC broadcast the Horizon guide to science and religion where the scientist, Dr Thomas Dixon, stated, “There is no room for the traditional Bible in modern science”.  According to the Evangelical Times (November 2010) the programme was one sided with no interviews with leading scientists who believe in God. This should be no surprise. We live in a society where a spiritual battle is being fought on the very being and existence of God. Atheism has never been as powerful in the history of Britain as it is today. Society is suppressing the truth about God.

1: The Method of the God Suppressors

  • Suppressing the Internal Evidence For God, “that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath showed it unto them” (v19), This is borne out by the consciousness that exists in every culture of a deity or a supreme being.

  • Suppressing the Natural Evidence For God, “For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen being understood by the things that are made” (v20). The beauty and effectiveness of the universe argue for a designer who has planned and created; ID = Intelligent Design. John Lennox, Mathematics Professor at Oxford, in an interview with the Times stated that DNA “screams out for input”, because matter doesn’t become so complex without “something special”, which to him must be creation.

2: The Motives of the God Suppressors

What would motivate Richard Dawkins, Biologist and retired Professor of Public Understanding at Oxford, to write his book “The God Delusion” with the fervent hope that “religious readers who open it will be atheists when they put it down”? Paul explains in v20 that when God is suppressed man attacks the revelation of “his eternal power and Godhead”. James Montgomery Boice argues that the proud heart of man is both repulsed by a Sovereign, Holy, Omnipotent, Omniscient and Immutable Being to whom all men are accountable. Rather than be logical and be obedient followers of such a God, men choose atheism allowing them to go their way.

3: The Manners of the God Suppressors

  • Such is the clear revelation of God they have no excuse, (v20).

  • They refuse to glorify God, that is, they refuse to ascribe to God his worth by worshipping him appropriately (v21).

  • They are not thankful to God, the fount of all life and hope, (v20).

  • They have become vain (morally wicked) through their imaginations (their thoughts or their reasoning). Through ungodly reasoning society is becoming more sinful. As man decides his own morality and his own ethics apart from scripture, evil will prevail.

  • This thinking is called “foolish” (without understanding) and he uses the metaphor of darkness to describe its outcome. Much of the ungodly thinking of our age is drawn from a period in in the 17th and 18th Centuries known as “The Enlightenment”.  The godless philosophies of this period were the opposite, they took the western world into the darkness.

  • These people are described as those who consider themselves to be “wise”. The Greek word is “sophia” from which the word philosophy springs. Concepts such as Rationalism (human reasoning is the source of all knowledge), Materialism ( all that exists is matter and there is nothing spiritual), Nihilism (life is an existence without meaning) and Empiricism (the belief that we can only know what we ourselves can sense and experience), all, sadly, have their place in our society. They are basically different ways of interpreting life without God.

  • Paul teaches that these so called wise men who develop such concepts are “fools”. The Bible interpretation of a fool is one who does not believe in God (Psalm 14v1).

4: The Merchandise of the God Suppressors

Man in his haste to deny the true God will manufacture his own god. Man has in various places and at particular times created deities out of nature (sun, stars, oceans, rivers and animals) and has formed names for his own self appointed gods (as the pagan Romans did in Paul’s day). Today man’s god is self as is manifested in humanism (the elevation of humanity) which is grounded on evolution as its core principle (v23, also v25). Humanism is a distinct world view which is recognised by the US Supreme Court as a religion. It is the ultimate fulfillment of Paul’s analysis of God Suppression.

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  1. IF this is such good evidence, “This is borne out by the consciousness that exists in every culture of a deity or a supreme being.” then why do all of these gods disagree on what they supposedly teach humanity? It also shows that you are ignorant about other cultures, a single creator god is not ound in all cultures. If your hypothesis is based on a demonstrably false claim, it doesn’t bode well for the rest.

    Please define your god and show that only your version exists and is the creator. Some of your arguments can be used for a “god” but nothing supports your particular one.


    1. You are correct to argue that the evidence in nature points to a god while not necessarily revealing his identity. There is only one source which identifies the one and only God, the Bible. While there are aspects of Scripture which point to it’s authority, I will at this stage discuss one: The Person of Jesus Christ. If Jesus lived, died and rose again the Bible is credible. If Jesus was not resurrected the Bible is fraudulent. All we have is the evidence, but is the evidence credible? From the perspective of EYEWITNESS accounts the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is related with such clarity the words have survived millenia. I would suggest that you read the four Gospels and weigh the evidence carefully. Was there a man called Jesus? Did he rise from the dead? If so He is the revelation of the only true God and is the Saviour of the World.


      1. The bible? You mean the book that no one can agree on what books should be in it or what the words in it actually mean? The one that claims events that happened that have not on scrap of evidence to support them? That isn’t exactly a wonderful source of evidence, the same as the claims of the Qu’ran, Book of Mormon, the indian holy books, are not believed by me *or* you.

        There is no evidence at all that JEsus Christ existed as described nor did any of the essential events described in the bible happened. No cruxifiction, no darkening of the sky, no walking dead in Jerusalem, no major earthquake, nothing. No exodus, no flood, no tower of babel, no fabulous palaces and no massive battles between hundreds of thousands of warriors.

        There are no eyewitness accounts about Jesus, only stories told by authors about whom we know nothing. The stories of the Norse, the Greeks, the Chinese have also survived with clarity through the millennia. I have read the gospels and the entire bible, once as a believer and once as an atheist, plus probably a couple of more times piecemeal. I know how they contradict each other very well. What did the apostles do after the cruxifiction? Who was first at the tomb? Where there walking dead or not? Was there a magic flood? Plenty of Christians are sure that story is just a metaphor since there is no evidence for it at all. Many Jews are sure that the exodus never happened and is only a myth about nationalism. No other civilizations notice this flood, no civilization notices that Egypt supposedly has no army. The earth itself doesn’t notice the major earthquake supposedly around the crucifixition time and the darkened sky, not one witness wondered why it got dark when there could be no eclipse, something Romans and Greek knew happened and could predict, and which couldn’t happen during Passover since that holiday is only ever on a full moon.

        Christians can’t agree on where the tomb was, so if no tomb, no way to know if it was empty or not.


    2. I am publishing a series of blogs called “A Book we can Trust”, which responds to some of your criticisms of the Bible. Two have been published and there will be more in due course. I would be interested in your views. Christianity is a Faith Religion, but it is not Faith without reason and substance.


      1. Considering that there is no evidence for the essential events in the bible, Christianity (and Judaism, Islam, etc), are beliefs based on nothing but wishful thinking, just like all other religions based on supernatural claims. I shall be happy to review your blogs.


  2. I am sorry that you were once a believer, but I must say that you are long on rhetoric and short on detail. Sweeping generalisations do not prove your argument. Was it for example a fluke, a coincidence, that Jesus died at Passover, the very same time of year when the Hebrews were delivered from Egypt. The redemption of the Hebrews was but a type, an illustration of the redemption of mankind from a greater darkness through The Lamb of God. The Bible is a continued story woven together over 1800 years. This screams out for divine imput. You need ro reread the Gospels with an open mind as Frank Morrison did. Have you read “Who Moved the Stone? I commend it to you.


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